Technology Services


From using blockchain to track and store data to building the products that run on it, our full-stack developers build your ideas into reality. We think of you as a partner, not just a client, so we operate like an in-house team or a partner, not just a vendor. Our work spans companies in all stages in their development timeline, and can size our team to fill any gaps in yours. We ensure your developers understand the technology we built, easing the transition process and saving you time.

Smart Contracts

Increase automation, immutability, and transparency with a secure smart contract. Match its specifications with your existing information and give your team the tools to succeed post-engagement.

Technical Review

We advise, provide feedback, and raise any potential concerns in the technical architecture and product so you can continue with execution. Train up your team in-house with this feedback, rather than outsourcing.

Blockchain Integration

Determine the value of your use case and goals, review your current technology stack, and create a custom blockchain solution to integrate with your existing software.

KYC/AML Integration

Protect your company during your token sale by integrating a product that allows you to follow Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations and verify the identities of your investors.

Token Sale Website

A great website combines technical expertise and security with strategic storytelling. We build the portal for users to first encounter your team and eventually contribute to your token sale.

Product Development

Tackle a challenge in your industry by creating a product for your core market. Whether you want to implement blockchain or use more traditional technology for your product, our in-house strategy, technology, and design teams help take your idea and turn it into a solution for your users, from frontend UX/UI to backend functionality.

See How We Helped Our Clients

Token Deployment Case Study

Smart Contract Case Study

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The immediacy of their response couldn’t have been smoother, within a week or less. The developers were great and very willing to jump into different discussions, providing lots of details—it felt like there was not just a good dialogue, but options were presented. We’d be interested in getting [Totem’s] help with future projects.”
RJ Smith

CEO | CTO, RedPen

Without Totem, we wouldn’t have had the confidence to mint our token on the mainnet in order to run our token sale. Because of their expertise and assistance, we were able to conduct a token sale where our investors could trust both the execution and security.
Carson Knuth

CEO, HybridBlock

The Totem team helped us pivot to blockchain and strengthen our project. Their connections in the cryptocurrency market bridged the gap for us to be able to use blockchain to provide a better solution tech solution for the daily fantasy sports and esports market.
Brett Richey

CEO, BlitzPredict

Master Blockchain Jargon

We created a glossary of technical terms and keep it updated as the industry changes. 

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