Design Services

Design creates the touchpoint from your audience to your company or product and ensures they join you on your journey. We are your partner to help you ideate, wireframe, and build the assets for your blockchain-based product or website. Our multi-disciplinary team works with you in a variety of capacities, from graphic design to UI/UX design. 

Token Sale Websites

A great website combines technical expertise and security with strategic storytelling about your blockchain project. We build the portal for users to first encounter your team and eventually contribute to your token sale.


Our design team guides your decision makers through a workshop to develop all aspects of your brand, creating essential assets that represent your company values and allow you to flourish well into the future.

Product Design

Our in-house design and development teams work with you to reduce risk to move quickly to market to develop your decentralized (dApp), web, or mobile application. We size our team to fill the gaps in yours.

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Branding Case Study

Brand Refresh Case Study

What Our Clients Say

I am happy with the brand, it is much improved from what it was and will resonate with our market . . . . [Totem] did a good job of mitigating a picky person.

Thomas Lynn

Co-Founder, UpSELL

I think Totem does a really good job understanding strategy—the “why”—of thinking through everything creatively. Normally a designer wants to sell the work they like, even though that decision might not be right. Totem explains why a decision makes sense.

Abbe Vigliante


During the initial intro and meeting, we realized the diversity of knowledge amongst all the members of the group, and that was super important in our choice of vendor. That’s why we chose Totem.

Michael Viellion

Co-Founder | CEO, UpSELL

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