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Our departments collaborate closely to help our clients implement blockchain solutions.


We are your guide through the blockchain implementation process. We work with organizations sized from startups to enterprise and take an educational approach: we teach your in-house team or help you hire one. Then, our in-house, full-stack developers build your website, product, or application.


From UI/UX product design to brand and graphic asset creation, our team works to create a visual representation of your company values and give your users an intuitive experience. Our experience with both vertical industries and blockchain companies ensures that you have long-lasting assets that effectively communicate and build trust.  


Determine your product strategy, validate your blockchain use case and business model, and plan your revenue streams and financial models with this new technology. Wherever you are in our process, our strategy team uses our experience as cryptocurrency asset managers to assist with white papers, token structuring, and direction.

Before Totem, the risk for [our company] was a process management risk. We didn’t know how to manage something we don’t know how to do. This was mitigated by the diversity of the group: everyone’s knowledge helped me feel comfortable that [Totem] could manage us taking it to the next level. Somebody was there who could answer every question.

Mike Viellion

Co-Founder, CEO, UpSell

We work with you to:

Implement blockchain technology

Use blockchain to automate processes and reduce friction in your business.

Our excellent in-house development team equips you to successfully implement blockchain into your business.

Keep your project on track

Reach your token launch goals with our proprietary process.

Our team helps you structure your offering and ensures you remember everything along the way by managing your project.

Get your idea off the ground

Discover the viability and value of your blockchain-based business, product, or concept.

See what is possible with our Discovery Phase Workshop.

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We look at our clients as partners

See how our partner-based methodology has proven successful for our clients.

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