Discovery Phase Workshop

Enter the blockchain industry armed with expert guidance

The Discovery Phase Workshop is a high-level workshop for companies that are implementing blockchain into their technology stacks, building a product, or pursuing a token launch. It both validates your concept and creates a roadmap for the future, that can be modified to your company’s needs and goals. It combines product strategy, a brand sprint, and a business model to determine if your cutting-edge technology project or implementation is currently viable.

The Totem team provides relevant education, project review, recommendations and options at each step, and a custom roadmap so you can reach your goals and move forward with confidence.

Get perspective on your project:


Our Head of Technology reviews any existing MVP and helps validate that the intended technology build and implementation is currently feasible.


Our Head of Design reviews the brand and if it is being integrated as specified, including color, shape, overall feel, industry standards, company values, and any UI/UX elements of the project.



Our Strategy Team reviews the business plan, blockchain use case, and token structure, including financial or regulatory considerations.

What Our Clients Say

A big part of the risk for us was not having the guidance necessary to finish the project. Working with [Totem] feels like there’s a team that works well together in producing their own individual parts, and I am hoping the orchestration of those individual efforts launches a pretty sick company. I wouldn’t call this a risk, I’d call it an opportunity.

Thomas Lynn

Co-Founder, UpSELL

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Assess the viability of the proposed blockchain application or integration


Verify that the technical implementation is feasible


Analyze and understand your blockchain use case


Understand the best way to communicate your project’s value


Analyze your token’s function, role, and features as it relates to your business


Determine the necessary partnerships for your company

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