Token Deployment Case Study

Company Name: HybridBlock

U.S. Olympian Apolo Ohno launched HybridBlock, which raised $44 million USD in its public sale ending 6 June 2018, and received a 4.5 out of 5 rating on


The client built a cryptocurrency ecosystem, including an exchange, a beginner and advanced trading platform, and an education hub. The client launched a native token to serve as a payment system on the platform, support the ecosystem, and provide rewards for education. The token is tradable on exchanges.

ICO Raised: $44 million USD
ICO Launch Date:
18 May 2018
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Team Size:
17 team members, 15 advisors
Location: Korea, team members throughout the U.S.


The client needed a smart contract written to create their token, a process known as a token generation event (TGE). They also needed assistance launching the token onto the Ethereum mainnet.


The company wanted to ensure the success and timely launch of the token sale, so they contracted Totem to write their token minting smart contract. The client’s technical partners at the time were not equipped to handle token deployment, and so after the smart contract was complete, members of the Totem team assisted both the client and the existing technical partners through the token launch.

Services Provided

  • Token Deployment


  • Ethereum


The client contacted Totem for a securely written smart contract to create the token. The contract was delivered, and the Totem team assisted the client and their technical partner through the token deployment as an additional service. The team worked intimately with C-level executives during the entire process to understand the goals and make sure the right stakeholders had visibility and were involved throughout. Totem guaranteed the success of the client both during and post engagement, and took a hands-on approach to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Without Totem, we wouldn’t have had the confidence to mint our token on the mainnet in order to run our token sale. Because of their expertise and assistance, we were able to conduct a token sale where our investors could trust both the execution and security.

Carson Knuth

Vice President, HybridBlock

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