Discovery Phase Workshop Case Study

Company Name: UpSELL
Website: Pending launch

The client aimed to create a user-based app to enhance the alcohol supplier-chain system—an industry ad network used by bars and restaurants to increase profits, align supplier interests with Front-Line Staff (FLS) interests and generate industry data for suppliers.


For the past six years, the clients have been creating an application to launch in the hospitality industry that would focus on gathering data, incentivizing sales, and rewarding bartenders and consumers by connecting them directly to drink distributors through marketing on the app. Bartenders could earn rewards through upselling brands, and users can earn rewards by interacting with the application—checking into bars and finding drink specials. They wanted to utilize blockchain, especially the component of economic incentivization through a token economy.

The clients had lengthy experience in the hospitality industry and understood it from top to bottom. They worked with a development house and had an MVP, but they were considering tokenizing their marketplace.

Industry: Hospitality

Product type: Mobile application

Review Methodologies:
Code Style, Module Boundaries and Dependencies, Cyclomatic Complexity, Cognitive Complexity, Code Duplication, External Dependency Versioning and Stability, Test Coverage

Location: Las Vegas


The clients needed a team with product, blockchain, and token economy knowledge, and the ability and expertise to not only develop a product, but also perform concept validation on the entire project, by optimizing their strategy and ecosystem including a token. They needed to discover challenges early on, such as onboarding users, determine the market, ensure that the tokeneomics would be valid, and find solutions for blockchain implementation in the application.


Through the Discovery Phase Workshop, the Totem team provided a comprehensive token marketplace strategy, technical assessment and review of the existing product, and product and brand recommendations. The technical, design, and strategy teams worked in tandem to provide product strategy with integrating a token economy, determined the tokenomics, and gave them a roadmap for their brand and product strategy.

Services Provided

  • Technical Review
  • Product and Brand Recommendations
  • Product Strategy
  • Token Strategy


  • Stellar


Totem acted as a guide and partner to the client through the blockchain industry. As a result of engagement with Totem, the clients were able to move forward with a roadmap. They had confidence that they had discovered the challenges they need to tackle, and worked out these challenges with the Totem team as a partner who ensured that they understood the entire process, utilizing their industry experience. With the concept, application, and strategy validated, the clients were able to continue with development.

The risk for me was a process management risk. We didn’t know how to manage something we don’t know how to do. This was mitigated by the diversity of the group and everyone’s knowledge coming together, processing the different vehicles that everyone drives, and helping me feel comfortable that the group could manage us taking it to the next level. At least one person was there who could answer every question.

Michael Viellion

CEO | Co-Founder, UpSELL

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