Branding Case Study

Company Name: Cyber-Insur

The client is a peer-to-peer risk sharing product for the cryptocurrency industry that insures users against exchange hacks. 

The product is in its beta state. 


The client offered insurance protection against the risks that exchange hacks pose to cryptocurrency investors by providing access to a member-owner, peer-to-peer (P2P) risk-sharing network to all cryptocurrency investors and traders. Community members paid yearly dues to protect themselves against the consequences of exchange hacks. The platform would provide stability and reassurance to cryptocurrency investors with a limit of up to US$50,000 equivalent per individual.




increase in revenue

A report by LucidPress shows that presenting the brand consistently leads to a 23 percent increase in revenue.


The client was building a product needed to develop an entire brand identity to tell the story of their company and project, including a brand voice and all visual and creative assets.

Cyber-Insur’s leadership team needed to balance three narratives in the brand: conventions in the traditional insurance industry (from where they had entered), trends in the blockchain space, and the company’s own values.

They wanted to convey that while they were launching a new product in a new industry covering non-traditional assets, they would be using insurance methods that have existed for centuries.


Totem’s design team walked the client through a brand sprint to determine where they needed to position themselves to accurately represent their company to the blockchain industry.

With the direction of the Totem team, the client decision makers aligned the brand voice by several axes of personality, which would then direct the development of visual assets. They identified several areas of potential friction in the brand voice and aligned them.

Using the groundwork of the brand identity, the design team created options for the visual direction of the brand and a logo, which were summarized into the brand guide. This was used to develop the creative assets of the white paper design and investor deck.

Services Provided

  • Brand Sprint
  • Brand Development
  • Asset Creation
  • White Paper Design
  • Investor Deck Design

Blockchain Platform

  • Ethereum


Through the guidance of the Totem design team, the client developed a cohesive story and creative visual assets that represented each narrative element in the brand. Branding facilitates customers’ trust in the team and helps outside investors understand the project and feel confident investing.

The client and design team found a way to balance the traditional and groundbreaking elements of the product. The client was offered several moodboard options and could choose the one that they felt best represented the company.

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