Brand Refresh Case Study

Company Name: UpSELL
Website: Pending launch

The client aimed to create a user-based app to enhance the alcohol supplier-chain system—an industry ad network used by bars and restaurants to increase profits, align supplier interests with Front-Line Staff (FLS) interests and generate industry data for suppliers.


For six years, the clients were developing a concept for an application and digital advertising network connecting beverage consumers, beverage distributors, marketers, frontline sales staff and food and beverage venue owners and operators. The clients had created a brand for the company, but they needed to optimize it for the blockchain industry and update it for their ideal users.

Industry: Hospitality
Product type: Mobile application
Location: Las Vegas


Since the application would be launched in the hospitality industry and be marketed towards bartenders, bar attendees, and brand distributors, the clients needed a brand that would resonate with all participants.

They needed an updated logo and a brand guide on which to base product decisions and marketing materials, that would incorporate the company values, and both reference and differentiate from the hospitality industry standards and blockchain trends.


After the initial strategy work completed during the Discovery Phase Workshop, Totem’s design team ran the clients through a brand sprint where they were able to determine the company values and then a visual direction. Totem created logo directions, visual styles, and brand guidelines from the brand sprint.

Services Provided

  • Brand Refresh 
  • Logo Creation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Sprint

Blockchain Platform

  • Stellar


The clients were guided through the branding process, but they were also necessary partners in creation. The results were much more complete, meaningful, and long-lasting than just designing a logo and picking a color scheme, because they combined the vision and mission and used these factors to design the brand. The clients were able to provide feedback constantly throughout the process and ended up with a result that they were happy with.

I think the design team does a really good job understanding strategy—the “why”—of thinking through everything creatively. Normally a designer wants to sell the work they like, even though that decision might not be right. Totem’s team does a good job of explaining why something makes sense.

Abbe Vigliante


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