In honor of the launch of our new website, here is a re-introduction to our company (or perhaps a first for some) to show who we are, what we do, and why we do it—with a little help from Starship.

I’ll start by talking about what is important to us. We are a cutting-edge technology startup, so remaining agile and ahead of the curve is essential. We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We strive to adhere to our company values in our day-to-day operations and ensure that our decisions are driven through those values.

We created a brand that our whole team helped build. Our visual direction now properly represents not only our offerings and how we help our clients, but what we value as a company.

Who We Are

Baby, we can make it

Meet our CTO

I was lucky enough to bring on a previous colleague, Sviat Chumakov, to lead our in-house development team. He is a full-stack developer based in London and has built technology solutions for industries including telecom, transportation, software security, supply chain management, and real estate. He is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English and knows some Japanese, Korean, French, and Polish. He’s taught advanced programming classes and sings a mean Korean karaoke love ballad.

Meet our Head of Design

Wes Norris, our Montreal-based head of design, has been inducted after years of refining his interdisciplinary skill set. He has created web and mobile UI solutions for consumer and B2B companies like AVEDA, Microsoft, and Plenty of Fish. He works in a variety of mediums, including print, digital, spacial design, and has an affinity for 3D modeling. Wes uses a forward-thinking holistic approach to UX/UI and graphics, which allows him to design innovative and intuitive solutions for clients in the cutting-edge blockchain industry. He has a passion for the absurd and also, Star Trek.

Meet our Head of Accounts

Tim Cronin, head of accounts, has a background in investment banking, global capital markets, and advertising. He most recently was a middle market equity research sales analyst for investment bank Jefferies in New York City and is able to use this experience to understand the new markets of cryptocurrency. He is an experienced project manager and tracks every aspect from intake to completion. He has a penchant for surfing and 90s boy bands.

Meet our CEO

In case you don’t know me, let me reintroduce myself. I’m a Silicon Valley native and have been at the cutting edge of technology for more than a decade. I have over four years of experience in machine learning and blockchain, founded a B2B technology company, and was an entrepreneur in residence at Originate, a pioneer in AI-driven technologies. I’m passionate about growth stage organizations and have focused on bringing innovation to legacy-based industries. I am currently an analyst at ShadowFund Ventures, which invests in technology for the built environment, and have sat as an executive in residence at The Combine, whose mission is to help growth stage companies successfully scale.

Developing Partnerships

And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever

We are part of a coalition of companies in Las Vegas that work closely together to execute specialized services for blockchain companies. As a result of this natural collaboration, we gain a holistic view of the blockchain implementation process.

We build these relationships for our benefit and yours. When you join our ecosystem, you’re not only receiving our perspective, but the perspective of a group of smart and successful blockchain entrepreneurs.

We’re also developing government partnerships and have been working on founding the Nevada Technology Association with Elisa Cafferata, who was responsible for passing SB 398 (Nevada’s bill that prevents undue tax and regulation on blockchain technology). The organization will support tech companies in Nevada through regulatory sandboxes and networking opportunities, among other benefits. We joined LVGEA, which supports the economic growth of small businesses throughout Nevada. We are members of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s lead trade organization on digital assets and the blockchain industry. See all our partners on our website.

What We Do

Take you to the good times, see you through the bad times

In addition to expanding our team, we’ve honed in on our specialties. Our team has a diverse set of skills from working across a variety of industry verticals, and we utilize those to create diverse ways to work with clients. We prefer to solve challenges for companies by building cutting-edge, creative solutions that improve results.


We have a killer in-house development team who have worked with companies sized enterprise to startup, building products from iOS apps to large-scale shipping solutions for websites. Our team has expertise in full-stack work to UI/UX specialties.

This overarching capability helps clients validate, design, and build their products.


Like a startup going through a venture capital raise, companies that raise money through a token offering to build a blockchain product need a website and a pitch deck. That website must secure and compliant, because it will provide the platform to sell tokens to investors.

We provide product design in tandem with our strategy and development teams for select early-stage companies who are finding product/market fit, or companies who need to execute a specified design.  

We’re excited to continue to watch the industry mature as more entrepreneurs discover ways to apply the technology to challenges in their industries. Our focus is to ensure the smooth execution of this implementation by ensuring that the project is structured well and provides real value.


Our associated company Pink Sky Group keeps a finger on the pulse of the market and is able to see the entire blockchain implementation process at a topline level, including upcoming trends.

Our strategy services help guide you through the overall process and make the best decisions for your implementation so you can understand any red flags as well as what makes the project investable.

As a response to the amount of innovative early-stage blockchain projects, we offer a Discovery Phase Workshop to validate your blockchain use case.

We provide our proprietary educational to accelerate client learning and ability to make the best decisions for the company.

Why We Do What We Do: Our Ethos

Let ’em say we’re crazy — I don’t care ’bout that

But there is more to who you are are than what you do. We consider our company values—why we do what we do—of utmost importance in our day-to-day operation and long-term goals.


We celebrate difference and collaboration in people, skills, and knowledge. When clients, partners, and team members adopt a co-creation mindset, great things happen.


We believe in fostering an environment where everyone can speak their minds, both internally and externally. Honesty breeds trust, problem-solving, and strong relationships.


To have compassion means to understand and try to solve another’s challenges, a quality that creates mutual respect in the heart of the team and those we work with.


It takes bravery to enter a new industry or start a company in an unregulated, unproven space. We value proactivity because it heightens the core competency of our team.


Nothing’s gonna stop us now

Nothing's gonna stop us now

Though we are an international team, we love being headquartered in Las Vegas. Most of our partners are also based here. We are committed to being part of the city’s growth and much of our brand is inspired by the landscape and culture of this strange, exciting desert oasis.

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