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Match your smart contract functions to your designated use case. Implement blockchain technology into your company. Ensure your early-stage project has a plan for success.  

Our Las Vegas-based blockchain technology, strategy, and design company works with you to create a smart contract, brand, or website for a successful token offering; build a product; or structure an early-stage project. 

“Without Totem, we wouldn't have had the confidence to mint our token on the mainnet in order to run our token sale. Because of their expertise and assistance, we were able to conduct a token sale where our investors could trust both the execution and security.” 

— Carson Knuth, VP, HybridBlock

Blockchain Technology

Smart Contracts

Every smart contract is unique, and must be implemented without any vulnerabilities to responsibly secure investor funds and avoid inefficient transaction costs. We keep up to date with Solidity as it changes and work within a network of other developers to ensure that your smart contracts do not charge excess gas costs.

Blockchain Integration

Have a product or process that can benefit from the decentralization, security, or transparency of blockchain? Our team will discuss your goals and use case, review your current technology stack, and create a custom blockchain solution to integrate with your existing software.  

Technical Review

Review your project with our technical team. We advise, provide feedback, and identify red flags in the technical architecture so you can continue with your execution.  

Product Development

Our design, strategy, and development teams work with you to understand your goals and build a better product for your company.  

Smart Contract Deployment 

Once your smart contract is deployed, it can’t be changed. We deploy your smart contract correctly the first time and ensure that gas costs are optimized correctly and inexpensively.


KYC/AML Integration 

One of the most important measures you can take to protect your company during your token sale is to follow Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations to verify the identities of your investors. Once you find a product you like, we implement it into your website.  



Economic Models

Create tokenomics, a raise structure, and a business that works. We create models based on your needs to provide you with the tools for long-term success in the blockchain industry.

Due Diligence 

Due diligence helps you pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your project and identify blind spots that might later become red flags to potential investors and exchanges.  


General Advisory 

We provide a third-party overview on the quality of the project, materials produced, and the launch strategy: including technology, token, marketing, raise structure and the overall positioning of the offer.


Concept Assessment

If you are considering launching an ICO, don’t enter blind. Assess your project’s concept: how and why blockchain is the solution to the problem, if project is technically feasible and economically achievable, and your market.  

Initial Stage Workshop  

Create a plan for success. Our hands-on workshop provides an in-depth assessment of your initial stage project and essential segments to flesh out, from technical viability, to economic feasibility, to market fit.  


Brand Packages

Our guided brand sprint helps define company values and direct the visual asset creation process. We design a brand to convey your story and provide all the assets you’ll need to launch.  

Token Sale Websites 

Our technical and design teams work in tandem to create a secure technical website implementation for the token sale, including KYC and AML provider integration and design.  

Why Work With Us?

In-house development and strategy team

Track record of success with token launches  

Dynamic, world-class blockchain ecosystem  

“The immediacy of their response couldn’t have been smoother, within a week or less. The developers were great and very willing to jump into different discussions, providing lots of details.” 

— RJ Smith, CTO, RedPen

Our Clients  

About Us

Totem is a blockchain technology, strategy, and design firm that works with clients to create smart contracts, brands, and websites for successful token offerings; build products; and structure early-stage projects. Through our educational and iterative methodology, clients gain knowledge about the technology they implement and build their in-house intel so they can structure their projects on a strong foundation for a successful launch.

Meet Our Core Team

Our mission at Totem is to create a higher standard for the blockchain industry through compliant, efficient, and innovative processes.  


ANDREW HOGUE Head of Strategy

SVIAT CHUMAKOV Head of Technology 

WESLEY NORRIS Head of Visual Communication

TIM CRONIN Head of Accounts  


KATIE SWALM Brand Manager

TIM ALVARENGA Education Development

CASEY SPARKS Strategist  

Our Partners 

We build relationships with partners who share our ethos: elevating the blockchain space, ensuring its longevity, and educating the public to achieve this goal while building excitement for the future.  

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